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Formed in 2012, Musician Impossible is a Philadelphia based band consisting of some of the area's top-notch players.  Musician Impossible's repertoire is made up of the best-known classic rock of the 70's and 80's, with a little bit of 60's thrown in for good measure. The foundation of Musician Impossible is an impeccable level of musicianship and vocal talent brought together to recreate rich and faithful renditions of the greatest rock music of our lifetimes.

Musician Impossible is:

Jim Carr - Vocals, Saxophone & Keyboards

Singing Lead Vocals, playing Sax & Keyboards, Jim Carr is most definitely a one of a kind music trifecta. He started playing music at age 10, was a "band geek" all during his time at Haverford High School and then he began his professional career at age 18. Over the past 25 plus years, he has played with such well known local acts as Animal House, Sugar Buzz, and Technical V. His soaring vocal range and skilled playing ability make him one of the "must see" musicians around. He also is a music instructor, teaching voice, piano, sax and clarinet to anyone that shares his musical passion. Playing with MI enables him to play the music that shaped him as a musician while getting to play with some of his favorite people and musicians. He is also lucky enough to have a very understanding wife and two amazing young boys at home.

Greg Lasorsa Guitar & Vocals

Greg has been in the music business since early childhood. Being the son and road manager of an international recording artist, he has toured the world many times over, occasionally even playing in the backing band.  He's been playing since he was 15, but it was rock and roll that really grabbed his ear.  Greg was a founding member of the early '90s hard rock band Killswitch (along with Dave, Jim K and Ed) and a few years later played along with Jim K, in the eclectic rock band Redmond, releasing an album in 2000 titled 'Measure Of One'. Primarily an original song writer, Greg is a newcomer to the cover band scene.  The idea of playing in Musician Impossible, with talented musicians (who are also his life long friends), playing great music, was just too enticing a scenario to pass up.

Jim Kull Guitar, Bass & Vocals

Jim plays Guitar, Bass & can sing Lead Vocals making him Musician Impossible's "secret weapon." His resume is impressive. Playing Guitar & singing in 80's original band Shakedown (with Mick) singing Lead Vocals in the early '90s hard rock band Killswitch (along with Dave, Greg & Ed) & Bass in Redmond (with Greg, releasing a CD in 2000) as well as cover bands Pleading Guilty, Night Shift & The Pedestrians. For the last few years he's been a first call fill-in bass player for several cover bands. Jim is no stranger to playing "musical chairs" with the others in Musician Impossible.

Ed Tognucci - Bass & Vocals  

Ed has been playing Bass for over 25 years and was a band mate of Jim K, Greg & Dave's in Killswitch. He played in some cover bands (mostly with Dave) as well over the years but decided to take a break from playing. After putting the bass away entirely for a while. he picked it back up to join Musician Impossible. Ed's influences are the bands of the 70's & 80's he grew up with, most notably Rush.

Michael Loro - Keyboards, Guitar & Vocals  

Mick has been playing music since the age of eight when he began taking guitar lessons. A few years later his parents bought a piano and taking the theory he learned from guitar, applied it to the piano and self taught himself. He began playing out when Jim asked him to form the band Shakedown with him and since has played with many area bands over the years including Slap & Tickle, 360 & Push. Mick is also the musical director for Diversion Productions and writes original music with his life long friend Shanna in Crackerjack Gypsies. He has shared the stage with with Jim K, Dave, Ed and Greg in the past and is happy to be doing it once again.

Dave Ramani Drums & Vocals

Dave has been playing for over 30 years and grew up listening to the music that's now called Classic Rock. He loved it then and loves it even more now playing it with Musician Impossible. Led Zeppelin, Rush & Yes among others were huge influences on him growing up and their drummers specifically were instrumental in helping him develop his playing style. Dave Played in the early 90's original hard rock band Killswitch (with Greg, Jim K & Ed) and was also a member of the Philly based band Isle Of Q. He has been playing on the cover circuit with numerous bands for over 10 years most notably with the Dead Poets & now with Musician Impossible.



Upcoming Shows:

Saturday, Jan 25, 9:00pm

Jimmy D's
1512 Chester Pike
Folcroft, PA 19032

Friday, Jan 31, 9:00pm

CR Shenanigan's
4936 Pennell Road
(Valley View Shopping Center)
Aston, PA 19061

Friday, Feb 1, 7:00pm

Let's Go Dutch!!!
Darren Daulton Foundation
Fundraiser @ Vie
600 North Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123

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